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If you're interested in experimenting with new ways of discovering captivating beauty then we have your back. We celebrate what you create! Orane International creates skilled professionals through our variety of courses in cosmetology, beauty therapy, nail art, make-up, hair, skin & personal grooming. It's time to add some Glamour to your Life by joining the Glamour World.

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Beauty Therapist
Makeup Artist
Beauty Therapist Beauty Faculty
Beauty Therapist Beauty Journalist
Beauty Therapist Self-Employment by opening Beauty Salons
Beauty Therapist Hair Faculty
Beauty Therapist Beauty Advisor
Beauty Therapist Salon Manager


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We can Boast of numerous Accolades Earned over the Years.

Fastest growing Academy of the decade
2016: Awarded by The Beautypolis

Rising Star of Asia
2016: Awarded by The Indo ASEAN Global Investment Summit

Best Award of Education Excellence
2016: for Skill Development Institution

Best Hair and Beauty Institute
2016: By International Quality Award

Best Beauty Institute
2015: Awarded by Global Quality Award

Best Education Institute
2014: Awarded by the Education Excellence Award

Best Beauty Training Institute Award
2013: Awarded in Malaysia

Beautician Course

The number of beauticians and beautician schools in Telangana has increased rapidly over the past few years. The state is home to several high-quality schools that offer a variety of programs to students wishing to enter the field of beauty. There are two major types of programs that beauticians may complete. The first and most common is a certificate program that provides hands-on education for students who wish to work in a variety of positions in a salon. The other is a degree program. This type of program is available to students who wish to enter management positions or become licensed cosmetologists.

Orane International has been offering quality Beauty Therapy courses in Hyderabad. We are a well-established Beauty Training Center which offers the best Beauty Courses in Hyderabad and Hairdressing Courses in Hyderabad. We are having a small size class which means we have a high student-teacher ratio. Our students have a high rate of employment. We also provide free placement services. So, if you are interested in the best Beauty Courses in Hyderabad, then feel free to contact us.

Beautician Course
Beauty Parlour course

Beauty Parlour course

For those who are set for self-employment, a beauty parlor course is a good option. The course is designed to provide knowledge of hair and skincare, makeup, and nails. These courses are available in different cities, thus you can easily get admission to this course in your desired city. This will make you succeed in the parlor business. So, choose the course that suits your needs and start your career in this field.

Orange International has been offering the best beauty courses in Hyderabad. They have a team of highly-qualified and expert tutors who have a lot to offer those enrolled here in terms of knowledge, skills, and techniques. The Beauty Courses In Hyderabad by Orange International employ the latest tools, equipment, and instructional materials that enable students to enhance their skillsets in applying specialized treatments. Moreover, we provide free placement services wherein all interested applicants can apply for any position posting on our website or simply make an appointment with us so we can help you find the job you've always wanted!

Makeup Academy Hyderabad

Orane International is reputable Beauty Training Center in Hyderabad for offering the best-quality Beauty courses and Hairdressing courses. It has a reputed student-teacher ratio (1:10), which provides its students with personalized attention from faculty members and professionals. Orane offers flexible timings so that its students can study after work if they want to. In addition to these advantages, Orane also provides free placement services for students. So if you're looking for the best Beauty Courses in Hyderabad, then look no further than Orane!

Makeup Academy Hyderabad
Beautician Academy

Beautician Academy

Beautician courses in Hyderabad at Orane International are designed to offer you a unique opportunity to learn the art of beautification. Beautician and grooming courses are being introduced in the city. The courses are designed to equip you with the latest and advanced techniques in the field of cosmetology and make you a master of all the aspects of beautification. You will be trained by highly trained teachers and experts in the field and will be given professional guidance so that you can become a professional beautician.

Hairstyle Academy

Hairstyle courses in Hyderabad at Orane International are specifically designed to offer you a chance to become a master of all areas related to the art of beauty. If you're interested, we encourage you to go ahead and enroll in our cosmetology and grooming classes, which will be starting this month. You'll learn how to use advanced techniques and likely get trained by experts and specialists who specialize in particular areas of beauty care. At the end of it all, you should have gained a great deal of knowledge that not only helps you advance your own business but also help you pursue continuing education at an institution like ours as well so that you can one day become as knowledgeable as these professionals!

Hairstyle Academy
Top makeup academy in Hyderabad

Top makeup academy in Hyderabad

If you are thinking to become a makeup artist and want to learn makeup art at par with international standards then the best place to learn is at the Orane International Hyderabad, which is the best makeup academy in Hyderabad. It is the leader in makeup training in Hyderabad and has been for years. The academy is well known for its training in both western and Indian makeup art.

If you're considering a career in makeup, you should know that the undisputed leader - in terms of getting you where you want to be - is the Orane International Academy. The make-up courses are unparalleled as they are developed by professionals whose experience and insight come from field-testing products themselves! As our careers advance, it becomes more important to master certain skills that make us stand out in this very competitive industry. We become recognized for our abilities when we can show a portfolio or an online gallery of our best work. You'll be able to achieve this with a certificate from Orane International.

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Student Speak (India)

This Academy is very excellent. Because the method of teaching is very good and even the faculty is having better knowledge to guide the student in various ways. All the doubts are clarified in an easier way. this is the best Cosmetology center for people who are interested in learning. And all the staff members are very cooperative.

Vidhya Kumari Thanks

This institution is very good I think this is the best academy for people who are interested in learning. My experience in this academy is really wonderful The classes are very good and well organised. We get individual attention. The classes here are planned in such a way that it avoids time wastage.Very much thankful to Orane international

Jaisamin Bhati Narayna Vihar

I am very glad by taking admission in this academy all the teachers are superb and cooperative and solve all the queries in very easy tricks. This is best Cosmetology academy for future cosmetologist And the teachers are doing lot of efforts for students like donig events in academy to build up confidence and also session at govt schl And their is also internship program for students.

Pooja Varma Thanks

I m persuing pro makeup course here and i m very happy to join orane.They teach each and every skill.They also conduct Workshops for their students.Very cooperated and friendly environment.I m very Glad to join orane.

Nitu Kumari Rohini

The significant rise in productivity & skills from our team was massive which has helped us achieve our targeted goals. I thank you all for being patient and focusing on my skills that mattered the most. I am glad that we make such a good team and took the academy to another level!

Renu Chouhan

Get access to the top best beauty courses in Hyderabad from orane international hyderabad! Loved this institute and the makeup trainer over there. Lucky to be a student of Orane Hyderabad.


Orane international hyderabad has one of the top best beauty courses in Hyderabad. As a Orane Student I suggest everyone to come over to the academy. Do visit if you are looking for the best academy and content.


I was looking for an academy which could provide me with best education in Cosmetology. I wanted to join full fledged course including makeup, hair, beauty and so on. Finally my search stopped when I visited Orane International, Hyderabad. They have different courses but I found PGDC(Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology) best for me. The content of the course is well organised. It covers all makeup, hair, beauty and so on. Also, the academy is well equipped with all necessary tools and products. They have different labs for different appendages. Teachers are well trained and polite. I am glad that I found this academy.

Sweta kaur Keshav puram

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